Leave me alone!

Karri • SAHM to Ryan and Sam👬Wife to Aaron💍 United States Navy Veteran ⚓️
My husband is eager to tell his mom and family were expecting #2. I on the other hand, would rather not tell anyone until the day I give birth and just let that be the announcement. Idk if I'm just in a weird mood this week, but I really don't want to deal with all the attention that comes with pregnancy. It's my second one, so I doubt people are gonna be estatic about it. It's just his mother gets all in my business. So many questions. And his sister is a know it all with no kids. I have explained to him that I'm not comfortable putting the news on facebook at all. Not at twelve weeks, not when we know the gender, not at all. I just want to keep it to myself and have a peaceful, quiet pregnancy and carry on as normal. (This is totally possible due to us not having any family where we live.) I feel bad for making him lie to his mom...who keeps asking if I'm pregnant....but then again why not stop asking and maybe let me announce how I want to? Haha I'm sorry I'm just ranting now. I think the hormones are working their magic! 
Anyone else feel this way? Or kept their pregnancy low key and kind of secret?