My opinions on...


These are MY beliefs, post your own and you'll get no judgement from me. I'd love to see what you ladies believe and your views on "hot" issues! Realize this is coming from a pretty open minded 21 year old.

The big one-ABORTION!

KEEP it legal and have places for women to safely get one. I think the government should butt out on early abortions. However late term should not be legal unless medically necessary. If a baby can be born preterm and live at x amount of weeks then there is a chance the aborted baby could have been viable.


I'm not talking about being held down or threats or statutory rape. I'm talking about the under the influence rape. Most of the time the guy is equally drunk. There for to me it's MUTUAL rape. Since they are both under the influence, neither of them can make a legal decision. This is coming from someone that was sexually abused, including raped, for 2 years.

Since we're on the topic of under the influence...

Weed should not be legalized. However for medical purposes, pills or oil etc, is fine by me. I don't understand the concept of "

Getting high". I don't even understand the point of drinking alcohol. I don't agree with putting something in your body that alters your state of mind. Or smoking anything including vape or cigarette. All in all I don't believe in drugs, tobacco or alcohol.


Why put someone down for what they do or don't believe in? Who REALLY knows what happens when we die? Could be everything or could be we just fertilize the grass. I don't try to shove my beliefs down your throat, don't shove yours down mine. I think what ever you believe in, that happens. Whether God sits at the gates of heaven and you have to explain why you should get in or we get reincarnated or we just die.


Who cares what the color of your skin is. If you're a crappy person, you're a crappy person. That's it.

Add whatever else y'all would like! I'm excited to read yours😀