Sharron • Shift worker, newly married
Last night was hubby's bday celebration, he had some guys over and they had drinks and a bit of a "diaper party" aka guys version of baby shower then they went to local pub where me, my sis and a few other girls met there. All was fine then ppl come back to our place. 4 guys were crashing here,2 had met 2 girls who gave them a ride here. They didn't crash in but then the one guy realized he left his expensive zippo in their car so the 2 girls came back to our house to drop off. I was told they'd be there 15 min tops. At this point it's like after 230 am. I'm nearly 35 wk preggo and wanna go to bed and to this point I've been a good sport, but I don't wanna go to bed till the girls leave as insont know them and I'm scared our 2 dogs will be let out. The girls show up and let dogs out so I have to chase them down. Then I go get ready for bed and walk out of my bedroom, and all I can smell is weed. These 2 girls and 2 guy were smoking pot in my house!!!!!! I don't allow this ever never mind when I'm pregnant, my hubby has passed out, I woke him and told him to grow some balls and throw these 2 random chicks out! I was pissed,. And these girls knew I was preggo, saw when they came in, didn't introduce themselves and treat me this way!?!
I told hubby that was his last hoorah and I hope he had fun cause it sure as hell is not happening again