Did I overreact?

So Thursday my boyfriend told me he was going to 'try a new wing place' with the guys from his work, I was a bit upset because where we live there's alot of 'wing places' and they were going to a city that's almost 1 hour away from here. I'm really close to his mom and his older sister so I texted his sister and told her I was upset then she told me he told them he was going to see me! I got so pissed off because I immediately thought that he was seeing someone else. I stopped texting him the whole rest of the day and the next morning he kept sending me msgs and calling me and I was ignoring him, he confronted me and told me they had gone to a place called Tilted and kilt and all the girls are in extremely short skirts knee high socks and button up crop tops with their freaking bra out! I got even more mad and I felt so disrespected, since that day I have been telling him over and over that I'm not sure if I wanna stay with him. Am I overreacting? We're not married but last week we had just planned to get married this summer, we've been together 3 years. In my eyes it was disrespectful to me and our relationship, he gave me a promise ring last year which I'm no longer wearing and yesterday I went to pick up something from his house and left right before he got home from work so we wouldn't see each other. What should I do??