So to start out I'd like to say that I'm a 19 year old single mother who lives with her step mom and dad. I have never done drugs, I don't drink, I've abstained from sexual relations with anyone aside from myself since my son was born (hes 2), and I have no life outside of college and my son.

My step mom started opening my mail shortly after I moved in a year and a half ago. Mind you, then I was 17 and it was mostly bills, but then when I turned 18 it only got worse. Mail from friends and family usually wasn't even handed to me until after it was opened. It got so bad that when I wanted to get a sex toy I had to ask my aunt to have it mailed to her house so they wouldn't open it. Of course, my aunt knew what it was but I'm comfortable enough to confide in her about this stuff so it was no big deal.

Then in May I visited my mom and when I got home my room was spotless... too spotless. Apparently my step mom had cleaned it. Well this made me feel uncomfortable because I hadn't taken the toys with me. She made it an extreme point that though she cleaned my room she had my dad present the entire time (meant to comfort me but only made it worse). She had cleaned under my bed... where the toys were in a bag. I think maybe she found them but I don't know. The only solace I had was that maybe she was so embaressed she'd stop snooping. I was wrong.

Today she made a comment that she had gone through my dresser and found a candy wrapper. Mind you, my entire room is spotless and my son's clothing is in an entirely different dresser. So then, why go through my drawers unless she's looking for something? If the whole room is clean I'm certain those would be. The wrapper thing has never been an issue before.

She's told me I can confide in her about anything before, but frankly I don't trust her for her obvious lack of respect for my privacy. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong and if I object it will start a fight. I feel so violated. Someone please gov me advice.

P.S. To add insult to injury she made a comment about a joke her friend said about me, which is how I found out she snooped this time. The joke? “So Carrie (whom I've never met only heard of) wants to know if when you eat chocolate, you get such a sugar high you confuse the dresser for the garbage."

I'm an emotional eater. I've been struggling with weight loss for some time now and this only made me go to my room and cry. She thought it was funny and okay for her to dish to her friends about me. I found it hurtful and rude.