Am I just being a bitch ?!?

I live in a house of 7 people.. Me my son my husband and 4 of his family members. I currently don't work because i have Chiari malformation and it makes it very difficult to work. For the first 2 years that his family lived with us his brothers wife didn't work and basically did nothing around the house. My problem is I don't feel like I should have to watch her kid when my kid is at his dad's I get basically no  time to myself and when I do im  spose to spend it watching a kid I don't even like .. I'm so over dealing with his family and him just expecting me to revolve my life around them and not only that but he moved his little brother in who is a absolute nightmare so I wouldn't have to babysit and here I am yet again the weekend of my birthday not hanging out with my best friend no not me I'm watch nickelodeon !!! Gerrr