Last night on April 1,2015 I miscarried at about 5 weeks. When the doctor told me I cried for 3 hours straight.
 I didn't know what else to do I'm shattered. I lost my child and I'll never know why. 
I also found out I'm O- so I was Rh- so I got the rogam shot. 
I know everything happens for a reason but it's so unfair.... 
I'm going to my OB tomorrow morning and they'll probably check everything out to make sure. At the hospital my hcg level was 18. 
I'd taken another pregnancy test at 9 that morning bc I was so excited. 
But somewhere between then and now I lost my baby. Still so far from knowing it I was still so attached. 
I found out I was pregnant on March 26, 2015. Confirmation March 27, 2015. First OB appointment April 3, 2015. Miscarriage April 1, 2015. 
My heart will never be the same.