Progesterone injections and a rant!

Anyone else going to receive progesterone injections during your pregnancy? I received it last time and I know that is why I was able to carry to 38 weeks. Now this time around I have anthem bcbs abd they are telling me I have to pay $625 a month! I just was told last week at work that I'm not allowed to work anymore because I have lifting restrictions from my dr and my employer which is a hospital and they are not required to offer light duty positions. So now I'm not working and have all these medical bills associated with a high risk pregnancy, a son woth a heart defect that is always sick or having some type of procedure and paying for speech therapy. To top it off my mom, who has been battling cancer off and on for 25 years, was just diahnosed with lung cancer and throat cancer. She was still recovering from tongue cancer from last year. Yikes,  I'm in over my head! Thankfully, I have an extraordinary husband who is always by my side. Just needed to rant and maybe I will feel better. If you believe in praying I would appreciate all the prayers I can get. I know this will all work out.