TTC question! How much sex is too much?

So I checked my cervical position today and it seems ideal for ovulation according to what I've read. We had sex last night and we will again tonight. My fiancé took off work tomorrow (Friday) so we have all day to try. I did have some brown spotting yesterday and it's not as much today. My fertile window started yesterday. 
How much sex is too much sex while TTC? Will having sex every day and multiple times a day enhance OR hinder us getting pregnant? I know it takes time for him to "reload" when it comes to his sperm. We want to make sure we don't have sex too much so he's not "shooting blanks" so to speak, but we want to make sure we are having sex enough so we can have a baby! 
He's never taken off work before during my fertile window so I am very hopeful this month! I believe he's also taking off work half of Monday too! 
What day should I take a pregnancy test?