Gestational diabetes help

So I had previously posted that my OB found out I have gestational diabetes at my 16wk check up. I was given a monitor and log sheets. Well I have been having notoriously high sugar levels with following the dietitian's recommendations as well as before starting the recommended diet. We did however notice that once my work schedule no longer included hours where I was closing at night my levels were much better. 
Fast forward to my 20wk check up and my OB decided that it would be better for me to be put on the lowest dose of gluburide (2.5mg) in the morning. Today is my 2nd day taking the medicine and I have now had 4 episodes of hypoglycemia. 
I know hyperglycemia is bad for baby as it can create issues for birth and after birth. I also know that hypoglycemia causes low birth weight. I'm nervous that the meds are keeping my levels too low. 
Anyone else experience this? If so what have you done or what has your OB done for you?