Family who dont understand

Teresa • I would love to be a mommy.
I'm to scared to let my family know my struggles trying to conceive. I have been with my love for 9years with no luck or surprises we hoped we get. I only told one family member that I was trying have baby. She understood completely because she was trying conceive her 1st as well for about a year. She ended up getting pregnant couple months later and yr later had cute little boy! But Ever since then shes completley a different person towards me. I feel she's always rubbing it n my face that she has a baby before me. Couple months ago she said I seem older then she knew when I told her my age. And now recently she's been putting on her fb how she's "trying for her 2nd asap because she doesn't want be old and trying get pregnant like some people." And makes me feel like she's signaling out me low key. Its hurts that one minute she knew my struggles and next minute she's stepping on them. It makes me so mad that I finally let someone in and now this. 😔