Need advice

My fiancé parents never approved of me being in a relationship with him. Main reason I'm divorced and have 3 children. He is 48 and I just turned 40. He was married and divorced himself and has no children. We are so much in love with one another and know that we are each other's sole mates. He desperately wanted children and asked me if I would be willing to give him a child. I agreed and now I am 7 weeks pregnant. He was so excited and overjoyed when I told him we dis it. After all our work, tracking, temperature taking and lots of sex we finally conceived our little one. Yea this pregnancy was planned and because of my age we did not want to wait any longer to start trying. So here's the kicker... He told his family that he was having a baby and they weren't very happy about it.  They are very old school and over protected of their kids. I have to tell you that his parents have four kids in their 40's and not one of them are married and two still lives at home with their parents. He goldbugs sister first who was not very happy about it and said she can't believe he's doing this to the family. Next she his sister wrote an anoymous letter to her parents saying I was crazy and in need of help. She also told them In This letter that I was pregnant and up to no good. That's how his parents found out we did not know about this letter and one day he receives a phone call to report to his parents house. He went and they showed him the letter and was furious with him that I was pregnant. They said they couldn't believe he was doing this to them and that they demand I get an abortion. What??? These people are supposed to be the best Catholics there are!! And they want me to kill my baby! Then they told him they hope his business goes to hell. They called me nasty names including a slut and whore for screwing their son. My boyfriend cool and collected told his parents he heard enough and that he could no longer walk in their house again. They said good and don't ever bring her here cause she's never welcome... It's been 3 weeks and still no word from them nor has bf had any communication with them. The damage is done I don't think I could ever forgive them and I know I will never forget... What would you do if your boyfriend was super close to his family and this happened??? He basically choose me and the baby over his family.