I had sex today, unprotected. But that's not my problem. I tried going the bathroom, but I was in pain, I guess the sensitive tissue from my vagina was out from what looks like the hood over my clitoris (sorry, I don't know the names) so I waited. I just went a few minutes ago and I only peed. I stayed seated for a few more seconds but then I felt something coming out of my vagina, like a clot when I'm on my period but not as thick. I look and I see something slimy. I'd like to assume it's just my CM because according to Glow, I'm ovulating today. But it didn't have the usually smell. I thought it was because of the sex. I told my boyfriend and he said it was probably my cum, but I'd like to know if any of you ladies had this happen before. 
Thank you for your input!!