He just doesn't want to do anything with me :'(

Lori • 9 weeks pregnant , boyfriend left me going through a rough time :(
So my boyfriend always just wants to go out with his mates, it's the only time he is happy, and he hardly messages me while he's out yet, he will be with Mr and sit all day texting his mate! He's going out tonight, and I got annoyed because he never wants to do anything with me! I suggested going for lunch, dinner or the movies. He just said no brcusr we dint have a car, he said no to movies brcuse it'd boring! I got upset I said you never want to do anything with me! He said exactly because we dint have a car and we are just bums and I dint want to show it to the world, I dint want to catch a bus to dinner etc, I got really upset! I just sat there and then I walked away, he said well do you want to go to the stupid movies tomorrow night, I said no don't worry becusr you hate anything you do with me ! But you'll catch a bus to go see your mate and drink! I'm sick of it we never do anythjg together, we hardly talk when I try to talk he just says we've been together joined together at the hip there's nothing to talk about, !!! I'm 4w5d pregnant he walked out the other night because I got upset on the way he was acting an speaking to me brcuse he doesn't want this baby! It's so hurtful :(