Is it best to save sex for when you're married?

Me and my France have had sex before.. We haven't had sex in a month tho cause I feel like we should take a break and wait till our wedding night so that having sex seems fun and enjoyable and not like we do it everyday. I want to have a special night on our wedding night and not like sex is just an everyday thing, like it's not special you know? Any suggestions, comments? I try to tell my fiancé that I want to save it for our wedding but everytime we are together he's always trying to get me naked and it's hard to say no to him cause I'm afraid he's going to be offended. He's always trying to get me alone with him and in his room and stuff and I don't want him to feel  like I don't like him anymore. And I feel like that's how he's going to take it. 

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