Bleeding at 4 weeks 3 days

Hi all! I really wish this wasn't my first post on this app. But I'm scared and need some input. I'm 4 weeks 3 days and started spotting yesterday (after doing squats- idk if that's just a coincidence though) and it turned into actual bleeding within a couple hours. I called my dr and they said bleeding in the first trimester; especially the first few weeks is very common and not to worry about coming back in unless I have painful cramps and am soaking through a pad, which I'm not just bleeding. And it's not even...coming down all the way, meaning i have the wipe to see it at all. Anyways. Regardless of how normal my dr says this is, it still is terrifying me. Any of you guys ever had actual bleeding, not just spotting, and it was fine? And please, no horror stories. I couldn't take it right now. Thank you ❤️❤️