If you don't want to read the biggest bitch then please don't read on. ARGH! Im am so furious with my body. Have always Ovulated and suddenly since TTC my body has shut down in those ways and I don't get an AF for 60 or more days. WTF!!??? Im so fucking fed up and emotionally drained. It's day 40 now and still NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!?? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I want to die !!!! I don't even feel like a woman and my DH is keeping strong but bless he wants a child so so bad. I feel like I'm failing him but I don't know what to fucking do!!!?  Now gotta wait until AF starts before anything can be done by the docs. I see it going on longer than 60 days this time. So BDing is a waste of time I don't feel like it nowa days as I know no baby will come of it at the end. I know that's not the only reason we BD but it disturbs me that I want a baby and it's not happening. I literally feel like killing myself!!!!! I hate life, and every other bloody day I get someone message me that they are pregnant. FUCK OFFF I DONT FUCKING CARE!!!! 😢😢😢