Induced 2 weeks early..

Olivia • Hi, I'm Olivia. I'm 21. Been with my fiancé for 5 years and gave birth to our baby girl, Lydia Rose on Feb 6th 2015 :)
It's been nearly 2 months since my girl was born but I thought I would share my birth story with you all 😊
Lydia Rose was due on the 21st of February but I was induced on the 6th of February due to me having very high blood pressure and also Lydia Rose was measuring small! 
I went into hospital around 4pm, my cervix was already open (so looks like she would of made an appearance that week anyway!) the midwife broke my waters about 5:20pm and about an hour later my contractions started. 
Only a few hours went by and I felt like I needed to push.. The midwife told me to stop trying to push as I wasn't in established labour yet.. I was getting so annoyed and irritated I  REALLY needed to push! The midwife the decided to examine me and saw that I was 8cm dilated! I then got given gas and air and was taken to the labour ward to start pushing my baby girl out!! 
I kept pushing and pushing as hard as I could but my girl was not budging. She was getting distressed so she had to have a monitor on her head I then had to have an epsiotomy to make things easier and get things moving quicker! 
My girl was finally born at 11:37pm weighing a tiny but perfectly healthy 5lbs 10oz!
I cannot describe how amazing it felt to finally have my baby girl in my arms! My fiancé could not stop crying and saying "I love you" he's such a softy. 
Lydia Rose will be 2 months old tomorrow I can't believe how quick time has gone! Her and her daddy aw my whole world!!! ❤️
(First picture - Lydia rose now)
(Second picture - a few mins after she was born