Help: repost with update about ruptured ovarian cyst?

Hello, I posted a couple days ago about my concern but I am reposting with an update and new questions so I would really appreciate help.
A little over a week ago, I had severe abdominal pain with nausea and chills that went on for a couple days. I went to see a doctor the next day and my blood test, X-ray, urine test were all normal and I was not pregnant. She narrowed it down to a ruptured ovarian cyst because the timing was just right around my ovulation and the symptoms were similar too. I noticed very little dark brown spotting this past week which was fine with a liner. I had also asked my doctor about this and she said it is probably the cyst draining. But it got heavier a couple days ago so I switched to pads and I had posted here a couple days ago if this slightly heavier flow would be my period coming a week early. I got a few replies with reassurance that it is probably just my period and it could just be heavier and more painful than usual.
But now I'm a little concerned again. The flow didn't continue to get heavy at all, nothing similar to a regular period because one regular thin pad a day is enough when I usually have to use three. The blood is brown when it's usually red when I'm on my period. If it is my period, like I said, it would be a week early and I have never gotten my period a week early before. I still have some remnants of nausea and now I have slight back pain on my right side.....
Any thoughts? I would really appreciate positive comments. Thanks.