I'm out again

Happy Easter to me today AF showed her face TTC since July and 5 months on 100mg clomid since October. My Dr will only allow 1 more month on the clomid then I would have to take a break and wait 6 months to start it again. This is my 3rd time around on clomid. The first 2 times was 6 years ago when we then decided to adopt because I wasn't ovulating at all with the clomid and my progesterone levels weren't going above 1. Now my Dr is hopeful because my health has changed and my pcos symptoms seemed to resolve a bit after bariatric surgery and losing over 125lbs. I am praying this last month I get my bfp. Trying to stay positive... But also discouraged being that I am ovulating on the clomid this time with my levels in the 50's. Ugh... Please send baby dust ladies..