9 days late all negatives !!!

Natarsha • Been trying for baby #1 since June 2014 .. I have a blocked right side. IVF started April 2016
9 days late . No sign of AF blood and pee test negative ... What's happening with my body ! ... Cervix is sometimes high can't find opening, other times it's low (I can't tell if open or closed) . No cramps just a pinch on right side ...motion sickness on and off all day for 2 weeks . Dizzy at times ... Feel wet that I run to bathroom thinkig it's AF and nothing ... (AF symptoms are usually 3 days before, cramps backache and bigger a boobs) I only have back ache and I not sure my boobs aren't that much bigger ?  Done all blood test the doctor could do everything is normal .. Is something wrong with me? Could I be pregnant and just to early I'm so confused ::: TMI when I check cervix I get creamy CM on my finger . Looking forward to your responses