Parents/in-laws disapproving name choices

Had anyone had their parents or in-laws criticize their name choices for the baby? Hubby and I decided on naming our little girl Emery/Emori with the middle name of Snow. Hubby and I always wanted to name a daughter Emery. Last night, my MIL said that her husband's uncle was named Emory, and that because the name is unisex, our baby will be made fun of. Then she disliked the middle name and suggested other names. The baby might instead have a Chinese name for the middle name instead, but I'm afraid she may dislike that too. My hubby told me that it's not up to her and we're not picking names to please her, particularly when she already had her chance to name my hubby and his siblings when they were babies. I love my MIL, and I know she is excited. Any thoughts on what to say if she confronts me about it? (She's already made plans for us after the baby is born and wants us to fly to her during Christmas). Anyone else had disapproving parents/in-laws?