In need of some help.

Hi, been trying to conceive for the last 4 months. My S/O & I had sex the day before ovulation and the day after. Not the day of, he was out of town. Well we've been having sex everyday since. I went to use the restroom the other day & I was spotting. It didn't last long, because the next time I used the restroom it was gone. I have been tired lately, certain smells make my stomach hurt, my breast are really sore around the nipple area, and I am always thirsty. Could I be pregnant? Could someone please explain this to me, also this would be my 1st child. Haven't tested yet, I hope it's positive feedback wen I do test. Can't wait to welcome my child in 2 the world! #keemiyah'smomma or #kentrell'smomma.