What is this?

MeLissa • Army wife 12/13/14. Not trying, not preventing. Waiting until after college to continue trying for our first!! Just living life to the fullest! 😍👗🌇

Yay, my period is officially two days late!! :)

But I haven't taken a test yet. :\ Here's my symptoms! A week and a half ago I started getting pinches in my right hip-ish area. My boobs started to feel a tad swollen and my nips were a little tingly! (It only got worse from there) And I started to get milky CM! Around Thursday I started getting really hot all the time, I was nauseous, and bloated! (Bleh!) Friday I started peeing a lot more (I'd wake up to go pee) Now starting yesterday I'm craving weird stuff (but it's all oh so good!)