It's just so unfair.

Mercie • Even though sometimes I feel like giving up, I`m lucky to have a really amazing husband to help me hold on to hope.
So across the street from my office there is a pediatric office. I'm constantly having brand new moms mistake our building for the doctor's office. 
This morning I had a brand new mom. Couldn't have been more than 20 walk into our building holding a "new" newborn. I thought it was a little odd that the baby wasn't in a carier. But when my nieces and nephews were born I couldn't get enough baby holding so I shrugged it off. 
However, when she left she went out into the parking lot got into the backseat, still holding the baby, and her family drove away. No car seat. No carier. Nothing. 
Maybe it's the clomid talking (pill 5 today) but watching this just absolutely killed me. It's just so unfair that people who aren't good parents. Who don't want kids or to take care of them properly are so fucking fertile and have kids and I can't. A child is the most precious gift anyone can have or experience and all I've wanted for two years is to have my chance with my husband. 
It's just so unfair. 😔😢😡