When to test

Cynthia • 20, engaged and ttc.
I miscarried March 7th. So that was the start of my cycle. On cycle day 19 I got a positive opk. It has now been 12 days past ovulation. If I take a test that claims to get a positive 5 days before missed period if I am pregnant will I get the positive tomorrow morning or the day after ? I took a regular dollar store test last time I was pregnant 3 days after my missed period and got a very faint line. Glow claims I should start my period tomorrow. But I miscarried so my dates could be messed up so I was basically just figuring 14 days past a positive opk is when my period will come. I think I could be pregnant. I have the same symptoms I had before. I'm tired, seriously sore breasts and soooo moody and irritable but I know those could also be my period. I also usually get cramps before my period I have absolutely none. I want a positive soooo bad