Reveal Party!!!

Tiffy • Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl🌷💕🎀💝 Madisyn Mirai 😘
So I recently agreed with my family that I would have a gender reveal party. Nothing big, just very close family. I am now starting to change my mind, and not really looking forward to having one anymore. Me and my husband have a big family, and even inviting just close family will be a lot of people. Our home isn't extremely big, and we have light cozy carpet, and don't really like a lot of company over. It's starting to get overwhelming, and I have other things to focus on like preparing for baby's arrival. I'd rather much spend this amount of time on planning a baby shower closer to my due date than focusing on this. I know my family will be upset if I back out, but this is our 2nd child and I'm just not feeling the whole extra stress. I'm more worried about finances, and making sure things are exactly how we want when baby gets here. Honest Opinions Please!!!