I have officially entered a storm (kinda long)


So... last Thursday, I went to the Dr to get my blood drawn to test my progesterone levels. I got my results back today. I called the office bc I was too anxious to wait for them to call. So after a few mins on hold (she had to find my results), she got back on the phone. She asked, when do you start your period? I say sometime later this week. So she goes into explanation. "Well really good levels are at about a 12. Great levels are at about 13 14. You are reading at a level 1." I start laughing bc i knew that was it. I knew that was the reason i couldn't get pregnant. So the nurse tells me to stop laughing. I told her "im not laughing bc it's funny; im laughing bc i knew it." So she tells me to call when i start my period bc maybe my progesterone dropped bc i am getting ready to start my period. Then i can get my blood drawn again and see what my progesterone is doing.

I say all this to say, i know that i am gonna need some extra assistance getting pregnant, and that my first child is a miracle. I understand that this is why i almost had a miscarriage with him, why i couldn't carry him to term, why i couldn't breastfeed him. My body is not equipped to make children, but I know with all this being said, my faith in Jesus, that i can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH!! i have to speak my desires in the atmosphere, and trust in God and tell my storm to be still, my mountain to be moved. God can do this!! I just have to have faith and keep it.