Disbelief & Doctors

Amber • 💙
I had a prenatal checkup yesterday and as usual, I had my weight checked. I am up 3 pounds in two weeks. The nurse asked what my weight was before pregnancy and I replied 120. I'm up to 148 and I'm 17 weeks. The nurse absolutely did not believe that I was so small before I got pregnant. I explained that I was underweight and stopping smoking probably had a lot to do with my weight gain. I'm 5'8" so at 120 I was a twig. I don't understand why the nurse acted so judgemental and questioned my beginning weight so much. Why would I have a reason to lie about something like that? I'm probably just taking this personally because I'm hormonal but I am irritated by her reaction and disbelief. I'm at a healthy/ hearty weight now and it's all for baby. I then had to sit through her lecture on gestational diabetes and how to eat right. It felt like she was lecturing a child. Anyone else have a problem with a nurse/ PA not believing something about pre-pregnancy?