Integration within the United States a good idea?

Brown versus the Board of Education kicked started the end of segregation within the public school system at a State level, followed by the eventual passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Ten years later that ended the practice nation wide. After years of protesting, demonstrating, marching and rallying, the black community and their supporters had finally achieved their goal and integrated the nation...

But did this do more harm than good? Should segregation been done away with? Have things been honestly for the better or made worse despite the good intentions of numerous civil rights activists? Would the grisly events of the Martin, Bell and Brown murders have been avoided? More importantly, considering that the black community at that time was able to effective generate it's own wealth, education, and health care systems, represent their own in law, and we're documented to have stronger family based communities, was the rush to intergrate I'll advised considering the racial climate of today seems to have gotten worse.

Be as honest as you feel you need to be, whether you are white, black, Asian, etc, but keep it respectful.