You all are aware that no debate about religious views


are ever going to change anybody's mind. Arguments about religion are not healthy either, especially on forums like this one, because someone always takes it just that notch too far. Right? Telling people who believe that God does not exist is exactly the same as telling non-believers that God does exist. You're just shoving your beliefs down others' throat. And that is one thing that I know everyone agrees upon as not being cool. Just let people believe what they believe. The truth will be revealed sooner or later and then we'll all go "ohhhhh" and bear the consequences of our actions, whether it be an eternity in Heaven or hell, or nothing forever.

PS. I have not expressed my own views about God or religion in this post, and neither am I bashing anyone for what they believe or what not. Simply stating it will get us nowhere to argue because our beliefs are such an important part of who we are as individuals, and that everyone is different that way.

Thank you for reading.