Should I test?

Hey all, so I know I probably should just test, but sometimes I just overthink and hate to waste money and hopes on testing so I'd like advice first. :)
I had what I thought was my period last month (March 15-17) but it was weird because I had NO symptoms (I always get cramps and usually sore breasts just before so I always feel it coming). Then I barely needed a tamponday 1 and barely even needed a pantyliner day 2 and 3. But I just thought it was a light period and didn't think much. So now, beginning last week (March 30) my breasts were so sore when I took my bra off I wanted to cry. They have been sore since (although slightly less) going on a week now. I have never had them this sore before unless it was a few days before my period. 
So I guess I'm just wondering if it could be a sign of pregnancy??