Husband issue update

After a loooooong time of silence today he finally had the balls to talk to me.

What he said left me in shock and even more sad than I was before.

He said he's not sure if he wants the baby. He said it's not a good time and that he has enough responsibilities already (he meant paying off bills and debt). And that we would have to give up so much as in going out with friends. Jeez... Did I marry a child or what...

He wouldn't mind if I wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Which is out if question from my side. We both wanted a family and I'm gonna raise that child. With or without him.

I just cried and I'm completely shocked that he said that after he was so happy when we found out. I have no idea what I can say or do. I told him we should go to speak a counselor. Or he should speak to someone to get his thoughts straightened and figure

out what he really wants.