Baby movements

I just need a place to vent and release my anxiety. Disclaimer: I will be calling my doctor once the hour is up.
So I  am36 w and 2 days and today has been a really slow almost non existent movement day. Multiple bowel movements and a late morning. Had a heavy brunch complete with chocolate chip stuff and orange juice, which should ideally wake up the little one. But I've barely felt a stretch here,  kick there. I figured I'd come home and do a kick count but it's the same story. I am really freaking out that I have to call the hospital and get it all checked. I hope the baby is okay. It's just nerve racking and I am just looking for some  support.. My husband is being my rock and being very supportive and positive, and I Also wanted to hear from you ladies on if I m freaking out too much.
Thanks a bunch.