I feel so stupid. I think I've been missing my fertile window.

Adele • TTC since January 2013
I need to vent for a hot second. Hubby and I have been trying for 16 cycles and I think for about half of those, we've been missing my fertile window. I stopped taking OPKS in the early winter because I was tired of it all. Last year my cycles were around 32-33 days making me ovulate around CD 19-21. Well recently I've been bding around 17-22. I was looking back at my cycle and I must've not been paying attention very well because my cycle lengths for the past 6 cycles have been 29 days. I was wondering why I would get my period and my luteal phase was only 10 days. 🙈 well that's because I'm probably ovulating on CD 15-17. I was wondering why I was getting CM so early in my cycle. Well that's because my cycles have somewhat regulated to what the "norm" says it should be. I'm kind of really excited to try (which is this week) now that I realized my cycle changed. If that's the reason why we haven't gotten a BFP the past 6 months. I could kick myself right now. It's just been so stressful and I have been so over it. So I guess I can't blame myself. Thanks for listening. 😚