Spending to much time with my boyfriend?

kristen • 🌹💋madly in love💋🌹
Hello guys.. I'm Kristen and I'm going on 20. I still live with my parents, but you see I pay rent and bills like crazy, to still live with them. Now In October a guy I like for five years finally asked me out right after we became best friends. He is now (7 months later) my everything. He loves me and treats me like a princess as well as a best friend. We can spend quiet days just cuddling or other days where we competitively play video games against each other. I'm almost always with him because he's my best friend and I love the atomosphere when I'm with him, but my parents swear up and down that spending so much time with him is unhealthy. But if we are both comfortable being with each other and some friends. We are both very affectionate people and love to be around someone, we like yo just be there for eachother. We have even talked about moving in together so that we won't have to be so time limited because I still have to be home by 11 every night. Is it so wrong to spend so much time with him?

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