Laura • USAF 🇺🇸
I had a faint positive on Sunday, I even posted about it on here because I thought it was an Evap but everyone said congrats bfp!! 
I took another test this morning, like 5 minutes ago and it was negative! I took both first response (positive & negative) 
I decided to take another test in a week but what the f?!?! I've had an Evap line before and it didn't look like my test AT ALL! It was so much lighter and barely visible, where as this one it is there!!! I just don't understand why I got s negative this morning :( 
Is the pink line that's in the pee part of the result strip (when you take it apart) supposed to be there? Because there's like a line in the middle of it. I don't know if you can see it on the picture