Baby daddy's family

Kadie • :)
This may seem crazy to ask but I need some advice. I've grown up around my baby's dad since I was in the 8th grade. We recently had sexual relations and I ended up pregnant. We are in shock but still very happy. Both of us are 20. The only thing is him and his siblings are the only ones who speak English. His parents does not. Can anyone give me some advice of how to deal with this? I'm looking in to classes to learn Spanish. I want my child to know both just the same! Also can anyone help me with some culture differences. I want my child to be introduced to the way my SO was raised. He's not a talker or I would ask him all of this lol. But I know his parents would appreciate it greatly. I would love to get to talk to his mom but I know she doesn't understand me well :( so anything and everything will help! No negative comments please