How do you decide between parents and marriage?

Sorry in advance if this becomes really long and drawn out but I really need some advice. 
I am Canadian, living in the Middle East. I moved here 4.5 years ago with the intent of staying 1 year but met my husband and while  he's promised to move back to canada he wants to stay here and save money first. The timeline keeps getting pushed back, basically, it's been in 2 years for the past year and a half. 
My mother was really ill the year I left, she had a swelling in her brain that caused temporary paralysis to her legs and one arm. They treated the swelling and regained function but had to relearn how to walk and never fully became 100%. She also had speech issues and was a little cloudy for a while but that improved. When this first happened, I moved across country to help for one year. Flash forward, it's 5+ years ago and they still don't know what's wrong with her. She's been to specialist after specialist and no one knows. She has a number of autoimmune symptoms and antibodies attacking her but they don't know why or how to stop it. 
I was home last month for the first time in 9 months and she's declined significantly. She can't walk without a walker, needs a scooter to get around, sleeps like 18 hours a day and just over the last few days has lost the vision in her left eye. 
My husband "isn't ready" to make the move yet. He's preoccupied with making money to provide a good life when we eventually move but doesn't really seem to think about the fact that I mostly only want to move home for my parents and if my mum died in the meantime, there's no point.  I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself if I don't go home. She's declining quickly but no one knows what to expect. What do I do? 
I'm also 32 and my husband and I are TTC #1 which we also can't do if we're apart. My husband is American so won't have a legal issue working in Canada but has no North American work experience.
What would you do?