How did you know/find out you were pregnant???

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I found out I was pregnant at somewhere around 6 weeks. I was sleeping constantly and I just couldn't ever get enough sleep. I felt so drained and light headed all the time. At first I thought it could be because I was lacking iron were I use to be very anemic. I remember relaxing in the bath and just thinking of all the reasons why I felt that way. All of the sudden completely out of no where pregnancy popped in my head. I got to thinking about it and realized I hadn't had my period in a month and I'm usually very regular. I remembered having an extra test in the back of the cabinet under the sink I was saving for emergencies. So, I took the test and waited and believe it or not totally forgot about it! When my husband came home and went into the bathroom for a shower he saw it sitting there on the sink! He came out completely ecstatic that we were finally pregnant after all this time! He told me that he thought how I decided to tell him was cute by leaving it there for him to see. I thought about just letting him believe that, but I told him that it was an accident I had totally forgotten I took it. He laughed and we stayed up that night talking about finally becoming parents. As I was laying there trying to sleep I heard him talking to my belly. He thought I was a sleep, so I continued to act like I was just to hear what he was saying. He said a lot of things that almost made me cry, but I didn't want to blow my cover. He eventually fell asleep holding my stomach. I just wish I had that moment recorded. I was so happy! 😂

I know I can't possibly be the only one with a story to tell, so how did you found out you were pregnant???