Yet another rant

Ichigo • I have one daughter. I'm also pregnant with my second. Unmarried.
In foster care. So my circumstances changed and I have a new case manager. No big deal. I came home yesterday with a permission slip that I got that day. But they've had the slip for a while. I literally just got it because they decided to hand them out instead of giving it to one teacher and hoping everyone goes there. I told her this. So she's calls the school and then asks me when I got the paper since the paper said they printed it earlier. Um, I just told you the circumstances, why the hell would I lie over something so stupid and petty?! If I got it a while ago and forgot I'm gonna tell you. I've done it before. Plus the date to pay on the paper is past due. Why would I give you it when I can't pay for the trip anymore? Here's where the first statement comes into play. She told me I had to get permission from new case manager. Um....I literally just found out about this 20 minutes ago...I haven't even said a word to them. What do you expect me to say, hey I'm your new foster child , I have a senior trip I want to go on, give me permission! Ok bye! Plus I've been on trips before, never had to get permission.. She said because it's out of state. So is dorney park and I've been there twice. Didn't ask for permission. And frankly why can't you ask? As I don't even know this person to speak to them, yet you've talked to them. Seriously, foster care is irritating!! I'm about to just straight up leave... 😕