Two different partners, I'm curious

I am very aware pregnancy is always possible no matter what time of the
Month and no matter what precautions are taken.
A month ago me and my ex ended our relationship. And I made the smart decision( not so smart ) to stop taking my pills because I was not expecting to have sex again. 
Same ol story, your ex misses you and you try to rekindle things so that lead us to have sex the 5th and 9th of this Month. We used protection both times. We've never had a scare during out relationship (8months)
Finally we ended our relationship and everything that came with it and I met someone new.
He is the one I've had sex with on the 17th and so on. My only partner. 
On the 17th glow said I was 22%risk of getting pregnant and still not birth control. 
We used protection but the condom ripped and finished inside of me(tmi) we had a full on conversation right after that happen about plan b and read all about it. He bought me the pill and as soon as he had It in his hand I took it(20 hours later)
We came to the conclusion that if I turn out pregnant it must have been really been meant to be because we used protection and I took the plan b.
I'm just curious to what other people would do in my shoes. Do to the fact that I also had sex with my ex the beginning of the month.
Since taking the plan b I think I've felt every side effect except bleeding. I'm bloated and extremely tired that I can fall asleep with kids screaming in my eat(I work with kids) my smelling is right everytime ! And today I expierenced heart burn eating a hot pocket, and my friend said I was expieremcing acid reflux aswell. I could not stop burping