Facepalm (rant)

Ichigo • I have one daughter. I'm also pregnant with my second. Unmarried.
So finals are soon. And we have prom tomorrow. AND our school can't afford to be open during the summer so there's no summer school. My ex is already borderline failing. And he keeps missing school due to oversleeping. He actually missed the midterm for this exact reason. I'm ready to bang my head against the wall. Yes, it's not my business but him being my ex didn't make me stop caring. No, I'm not bugging him about it, I'll sometimes get up earlier to wake him up, but I only do it if there's something really important like a huge test. I'm really just ranting about how frustrated I am. It's killing me watching him fail and simply not care. Plus, if he fails he has to redo his senior year. His family wouldn't be ok with that, probably going as far as kicking him out. Sigh. I think I'm just stressing out because I'm pregnant.