First OB appointment!

Our sweet little baby! I had my first ob appointment today which went very well! The heart rate was 162, and the baby was dancing around like crazy! It was amazing to be able to see so many details so early. My doc said the "phallus" (as he called it) was pointed down right now, and that could be an indication of a female? But then the baby rolled over more and it looked like it was a boy. Of course it's way super early to tell, so I got blood drawn for the maternity 21 test and we will know the gender in 10-14 days! Ugh the wait is going to be excruciating! I'm just so happy and excited that the baby is looking healthy, the heart is beating strong, and the baby is so active! (My doctor is happy to see a happy an active baby, as it's a good sign of health) 
Baby has his/her little hands around face!