The hardest thing I've ever encountered (emotionally)


So me and my ex had been broke up for a couple weeks when he called me telling me how bad off he was. He had been drinking way to much, everyday, and it was to the point where he was throwing up blood. He had also told me he had been thinking about suicide... And since his mom had committed suicide almost 3 years ago I didn't take any of this lightly.

I spent about 4 days with him before I committed him to get him some help. Those 4 days were kinda nice, he acted like he really wanted to change so he could be better for me and have a better life for himself. He told me he loved me and that he'd do anything to make things right with us. Well he's been at the hospital for 3 days now and I finally got to visit his afternoon. He's doped up on meds but looks healthy...but he said some things to me that make me wonder if he is still as motivated to be with me as he was before he entered. Said things like he wanted to go back home (two states away) and acted very detached from me. I feel like an idiot for opening my heart back up to him but I don't regret getting him help...

What do you guys think? Should I expect the worst when he does get out or stay positive about our future together?