Be Honest

Ok I'm on my TWW and have experienced these. Please be honest if I'm hallucinating tell me because I don't want to work myself up for a disappointment:
1. Really weird pains (not bad pains but very weird) round my navel area. Tightness in that area also
2. Using the restroom more than I normally do but that's not the weird part. The weird part is soon as I have to go I'm already in a tight I barely make it to the restroom.
3. I smelled barbecue meat the other day and was grossed out. This is weird because I love barbecue.
4. Slight unexplainable headaches
5. I sleep and sleep and sleep. I usually sleep at night and take an hour nap during the day but here lately I've been sleeping wake up like I've never been sleep...lay down and go right back to sleep.
Am I Tripping???! 😩 I just don't want to get my hopes up. Be honest