Me and my bf have been ttc for our 2nd baby for about 2 1/2 years now.we have a daughter already that's about to turn 7 next month and we feel it's time.i had the implanon for 2 years then took it out & have been trying but with no luck.i have always been very accurate with my periods but back in March I was 5 days late!by the 3rd day I started getting my hopes up hoping that would be the month so on the 4th day I went & bought me a pregnancy test.unfortunately it came back negative and on the fifth day well you guys can pretty much guess the rest.last month I was on time according to march's dates then this month once again I'm late!so far I'm 3 days late and I'm getting super anxious now.i don't know if I should wait or if I should go buy a test.its so hard trying not to get my hopes up after trying for so long...I haven't discussed this with any friends or family because it's hard to admit we've been trying for so long so therefor here I am that way I'm able to get it out and not have to hold it in.any advice?