D&C update

Hi ladies! Had my procedure this morning and was so thankful they gave me a good cocktail of meds to knock me out. One minute I'm talking about my sweet husband and the next minute I'm waking up in recovery. However as soon as I woke up i instantly felt my stomach and started sobbing uncontrollably, not only because i was in so much pain but also the pain of knowing it was really over now. My baby is really gone but is in heaven watching over us 😊 this will be a long emotional recovery for me i think but I'm taking it one day at a time and having such a supportive, amazing husband makes it so much better for me. He dressed me after surgery because i was so drowsy i could hardly move i felt so high! Lol, he went to get my meds and just made me soup and my two fur babies are snuggling with me so i feel very comforted and at peace now. Thank you ladies for the support and well wishes!! 😘