Sometimes I think I'm driving myself crazy because I so badly want to be pregnant. I often have pregnancy symptoms, but this is not uncommon for me... I have a history of ovarian cysts, which at one time a couple of years ago, made my body fake' a pregnancy in the past. So on one hand I'm worried about having another cyst..what happened last time with that is that the cysts created so much many hormones that my body acted as if it were pregnant... I had morning sickness nipple tenderness, and all of the other symptoms you hear about. Anyway I've recently gained about 15 pounds. I've also developed a lot of stretch marks around my belly. I've been eating right and exercising so I don't know what's going on. I keep reading stories about people who don't have their period while pregnant... And wonder if I could be one of them. I have a hard time even getting my doctor order a blood test without being made to do a urine test first and what I would really like is a sonogram... i mean what if I'm one of those people that will just get negativetests throughout my pregnancy? I worry too much...any advice? I believe it could all be in my head too. So frustrated.