Prayers, Please

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If you wouldn't mind praying for me, I'm having some difficulty after my miscarriage. 
My story is long, so here are my prayer requests, in case you don't want to read the entire thing. Please pray...
- The medicine will work and I will stop bleeding.
- There is no infection and no need for a D&C.
- For full healing and my body to go back to normal.  
In Feburary we finally got our BFP, but on April 11th, around 9 weeks, I miscarried. It's now been 7 weeks and everyday since then I have been either bleeding or spotting. On May 20th I had been having brown spotting for a little over a week, so I thought I was finally going to get some relief and it would stop, but instead that afternoon I started a heavy bright red flow with quite a lot of clots. This has been going on since. 11 days now. It is so frustrating! I just want this to be over so I can fully heal and we can try again. I went to the Dr. yesterday and had the full work up done. Pelvic exam was normal, the ultrasound showed a thicker uterine lining, but the Dr said she doesn't think it is pregnancy product, she thinks it is from the bleeding. She took HCG and a full panel CBC. If HCG isn't back in normal range I'll have to have an official (higher quality) ultrasound at the hospital and if it shows pregnancy product then have a D&C. So far I have no signs of infection. She did give me a prescription for tranexamic acid, to cease the bleeding for now. She said it may come back after I stop the medication though, which could be another indication that I will need further intervention. I'll be very upset if I have to have a D&C after 7 weeks of this. 
If you could spare a moment to pray for me I would appreciate it very much!